San Antonio Emergency Tree Service

When a tree falls on your home or property, getting it removed quickly may be necessary to keep your family safe. If you have an emergency involving a fallen tree we urge you not to attempt clearing it yourself especially if power lines are involved. Emergency removal requires well-trained professional experts.

We offer 24-hour emergency service if a tree or large limb falls and falls on your house, fence, or property. If your situation requires immediate attention, we can usually have a crew out to your site immediately. We have the experience and equipment needed to remove fallen trees and limbs without damaging surrounding property.

We are able to rapidly mobilize crews and equipment to quickly address emergency tree-related needs. Upon arrival we will assess the situation – down power lines, property concerns, neighboring homes – to determine the best and safest course of action.

We specialize in emergency tree removal service and storm damage aftermath cleanup service, including:

    • Hazardous tree limb removal
    • Dangerous or fallen trees on or near power lines
    • Tree removal close to houses, driveways, and roads

We understand when you are faced with an emergency you need an immediate response. Rest assured that our team of professional tree care experts will help you.

We are on call every day of the week. Whether you’ve received a citation or a storm has caused a hazardous situation on your property, we can help.

Call (210) 255-7583 and we will dispatch our crew as soon as possible.