San Antonio Tree Removal Service

There are many reasons why removing a tree may be beneficial. Aside from clearing out some space for aesthetic reasons, you may want to remove the tree because it is a hazard or it may be growing too close to your home.

When trees are planted in the wrong place, the roots can also cause damage to concrete, septic systems, and underground utilities.

Whether a tree poses a safety risk to an area or simply makes navigation difficult, we can help.

If there’s a tree on your property that needs to be removed, don’t attempt to do it by yourself. Tree removal is a significant undertaking and not recommended as a do-it-yourself project. Our experienced team is available to assess your property and discuss all options.

Our experienced, fully insured crews can accomplish even the most difficult tree removals by using the most advanced equipment and techniques.

We take special care when working on your property, and ensure that all safety precautions are observed. Once your tree is safely removed we haul all brush and debris, resulting from our work. We clean up your yard, and sidewalks and blow and sweep up any sawdust.  We leave everything the way we found it, and the way you would expect us to.

Whether the tree is dead or alive, cracked, hazardous, fallen on valuable property, or the job is routine or of an emergency nature, you can trust that Rigo’s Tree Service can help you.

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